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Don't Judge A Mum By Their Cover

For some reason being a young mum seems to give everyone the right to pass judgment on you. Announcing a pregnancy often does cause a big reaction, and you would hope for it to be a positive one, but for most young mums this is not the case. I guess I can't speak for everyone, but it seems as though 9 times out of 10 a young female is faced with a mixed reception when she shares her news. The negative comments received often take over the initial excitement of it all, and to me it just doesn't seem fair. I mean, would you turn round to an older woman who just announced she was expecting and respond with, 'was it planned?'. Or 'are you going to keep it?' Having a baby is a blessing and whether it's a surprise or if you've been trying for months, what has that got to do with anyone else.

In my case those were the most common questions that were thrown  at me, but I also had the pleasure of receiving sly digs from those who felt I'd like to hear their…
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All Things Pink, Pretty and Perfect

All things pink, pretty and perfect is what some expect when you tell them you're having a baby girl. However 1 month into the role of mummy and I can tell you that is not the case! The last 28 days have been a combination of lows and highs. The highs consist of unexplainable feelings of love and happiness that your new born brings you. The feelings most new mums gush about with pride, (as they should). But it is the unexpected lows that no one talks about, the challenges you didn't even know existed before becoming a Mum. With that said I have created a 5 step guide to surviving the first month of motherhood!

Step 1. Be Prepared
If you're reading this and you already have your baby in your arms then this might be a little bit late! But having everything ready for your new arrival means that you have one less thing to stress over when they're here. I thought I had everything I could possibly need (I was so excited I even bought my pushchair 5 months in advance!) but I …